Garage screen door that works with your existing garage door. *Does not work with low headroom tracks

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    Garage Screen Door

    Convert Your Garage To A Four Season Room Affordably!

    The Lifestyle Screen system is a patented, fully spring loaded garage door screen that works with your existing garage door. It is available in three different frame color choices, three different screen options, a large number of standard sizes. It comes standard with a center passage door. You may order the unit without the center passage door, in which case the center bay closed by fixed screen. The Lifestyle Screens features a Limited Lifetime warranty. Your FINAL PRICE will depend on the options you choose. Additionally, there are a number of optional accessories that you may choose from depending on: whether you have pets; whether you are located in a windy area; the height of persons that would be operating the unit; or your skill level in installing screens.

    Lifestyle Screens Accessories

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    Clear ALL-Weather Vinyl Cover

    Adapts your Lifestyle Screen for year-round use.

    The Clear All-Weather Vinyl Cover for your Lifestyle Screens garage door screen is an optional accessory that adapts your Lifestyle screen for year-round use. On cold winter days, use the Lifestyle Cover to impede the flow of cold air into the garage. On hot summer days, use the Lifestyle Cover to impede the flow of hot air into the garage. The Lifestyle Cover mounts easily to the inside of the frame of your Lifestyle screen. Now you may open up your garage door at any time of year, bring your Lifestyle screen down and enjoy the great outdoors… well… from indoors! It’s not just a screen, it’s now a four season Lifestyle!

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    ASW Screen Clips

    Advanced Screenworks patented Screen Clips

    The Screen Clips is a tool that is designed to help a novice achieve professional results when installing screen fabric on to the Lifestyle frame. A package contains 20 clips that are reusable. The ASW Screen Clips will work with the standard pool and patio spline groove, using flat spline, and fabric similar to 18×14 or 18×16 fiberglass screen fabric or 17×20 PVC-coated polyester fabric. It is not designed to work with solar screen fabric, window screen frames, or round spline applications.

    Click here to watch the instructional video on how to use the ASW Screen Clips.
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    Milano Lockset

    Slide bolt type locks for the middle passage door

    The Milano lockset is a slide bolt type locking device that prevents the middle passage door from being opened from the outside. It also prevents the magnetic closure of the middle passage door from releasing under windy conditions or under other situations where pressure may be applied to the handlebar that would cause the magnetic closure to release. The Milano lockset is comprised of two slide bolts installed on to the handlebar of the middle passage door and two receiving cups that are installed on the horizontal tracks of the middle passage door.

    $19.95 for the pair

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    Lifestyle Frame Locks

    Slide bolt type locks for garage screen frame

    The Lifestyle frame locks are designed to prevent the screen from being opened from the outside. Since the structure is a screen, the locks are not security locks. The locks are installed on the two outer frame verticals and is secured into the tracks of the permanent garage door.

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    Pet Keeper

    Keeps pets in the garage when Lifestyle screen is in use.

    The Lifestyle Screens pet keeper is designed to prevent pets from burrowing under the loose bottom of the center retractable passage door. The pet keeper is installed on to the lower section of the frame of the center bay using button snaps. It also prevents pets from damaging the middle passage door. It is available in white or black. It comes with all fasteners needed to install it on the Lifestyle screen.

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    Push Bar Assist Kit

    Assists individuals who are not tall enough to operate the Lifestyle Screen.

    The Push-bar assist kit comes standard and installed on every Lifestyle Screen unit that is over 7′ tall. It is available as an optional accessory for units under 7′ tall. The Push-bar assists shorter individuals who may not be able to raise the Lifestyle Screen from the in-use vertical position to the stored horizontal position. The kit is comprised of a receiving cup installed on the center, inside face of the bottom horizontal and an assist metal bar with a rubber handle and tip. The tip of the assist bar is placed in the receiving cup as the bottom horizontal is pushed over the curve of the Lifestyle screen’s tracks.